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A Unique Wildwood Health Resort with Adventures in India

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Every aspect of Lakshya Greenwoods contributes to a balanced, healthy lifestyle that inspires meaningful, memorable movements with close friends, loved ones and family.


True wellness is having all areas of your life working together in harmony, spend time out-side with your kids, eat fresh, organic foods, and enjoy nature in the place you live. At Lakshya Greenwoods, living well and being well become effortless. Life is a joyful, natural experience in which you live “Completely in Every Movement”.

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Lakshya Greenwoods Health and Adventure resort is coming up over 120 acres of virgin lands with the aroma of earth and nature. Activities at Lakshya Greenwoods are an invigorating blend of simple pleasures and extraordinary experiences. We are preparing a special place for you, located by the foot hills of Aruku Valley hill station, an untouched valley by civilization. Resort will be ready by 2009 April.

It's close to the tourist’s paradise of Visakhapatnam, Araku and Burra Caves. We have very long trekking trails can take you to the peaks, a nestled  1000 meters high up in the lap of the gorgeously wooded Eastern Ghats.   The enchanting Araku Valley is the


home of at least a dozen tribes who, in spite of the winds of change sweeping across, still retain their centuries old traditions and folklore. They seem to lead a happy life quite like their ancestors did, miles away from modern day life. Lakshay resort is the first of its kind with so many activities in India.

The silent night echoes to the sound of music and dance, the naturalists and anthropologists flock here throughout the year to explore the unending beauties of the valley that open up one after the other…endlessly.

Lakshya Greenwood resort is a dynamic collection of sports and activities that includes indoor and out door dedicated to an entirely new definition of a resort. Innovative in approach, we embrace the energy and spirit of our coveted destination and their unique surroundings. 


We artfully combine a distinct village style and modern conveniences with personalized yet unobtrusive service, to create inviting backdrops of absolute comfort. Away from fast and stressful environment, we offer exceptional experiences and extraordinary memories.

It is a natural healing place where you can wash away your stress, heal your pain, and cure disease. you will do things you never thought possible. Invigorating fitness activities, exciting paint ball  trekking, camping, rock climbing, tennis, basket ball, water sports, mini golf, sand volley ball, perhaps even meditation & yoga techniques to help prevent stress. All this and more awaits at your Lakshya Greenwoods.

We believe Wellness is more than just an occasional message or annual retreat. Wellness is a life-long journey of discovery and realization of living well, eating well and enjoying life to the fullest.  The Lakshya Greenwoods Resort is the ideal place to begin, or continue, your journey to total family wellness.

Lakshya Greenwoods creates an environment where families can nurture all aspects of their lives, from becoming more connected to the environment, to being healthy emotionally, intellectually and physically.

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